HERA Project was presented at the Harvard Business School Social Entreprise Congress!

HERA Project was presented at the Harvard Business School Social Enterprise Congress!

Harvard’s 20th Social Initiative Conference (SECON) brings together top leaders, practitioners, and students for dialogue, discussion and expression in Social Entrepreneurship on 2-3 March 2019. Their mission is to educate the participants about the potential of the Social Initiative in solving the urgent problems of the world and to inspire meaningful discussions about the main challenges in the field. This year, the SECON addressed the issue of us Unfolded Allies: Creating Partnership for Progress.

Aral Sürmeli, Vice President of Medical Rescue Association of Turkey, introduced the HERA App on the first day of SECON 2019 at Harvard. On the second day, he moderated the panel on “Including Refugees: Developing Sustainable Solutions for Strengthening Refugees”.

SECON gathers participants from private, public, social and academic sectors to educate and build a network for 2 days. It offers a unique forum to draw participants with various programs from programming to design studios. Throughout its history, SECON has been recognized by Forbes Magazine (US business magazine, founded in 1917), as one of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos and the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) as one of the Top 12 Executive Meetings in the World. is shown as one of the conferences.